Want that dream home? Write that Cover Letter

There is tremendous value in sending over a cover letter to the sellers of that home that you really want to buy.   Sellers take the time to read the letter and buyers enjoy channeling their desire to buy into writing the letter. But more importantly, a great cover letter can seal the deal on getting that dream home.

The market is very competitive today with more buyers than inventory.   Buyers are facing multiple offers situations for entry level to upscale neighborhoods. Without extra cash to throw down, you’ll need to stand out from the crowd.   A thoughtful cover letter with pictures can be your ticket to an accepted offer.

I am residential real estate broker in California and I always recommend buyers put together a cover letter for each offer they submit.   Buyer’s will then often ask: “Well, what do I write?” or “What pictures should we choose?”. Here you have it:

  1. The most important piece of advice that I give buyers on what to write is to assume you’re the seller.   If you were selling your home, then what would you want to hear from a prospective buyer? You likely want to hear that you love the home, will take care of it once you buy it, and that you are more than qualified to complete the purchase.
  2. Paragraph One: Start your cover letter with a compliment. Tell the seller something nice about the house.   You can be specific and discuss a bathroom remodel or the front yard landscaping that is unique and awesome.   Also, mention how you went to the open house or look at their pictures often.
  3. Paragraph Two: this is where talk about you, your family or whomever you’re buying the house with. Just scratch the surface here and do not go into detail about you physical features, life story or personal details. Keep it light and fluffy, but establish that personal connection with the sellers.
  4. Paragraph Three: You should finish your cover letter with a strong closing punch. It would be a good idea to mention your superior finances, eagerness to close escrow early and the flexibly you have to work with the Seller if they need more time.
  5. Whatever you end up writing, Do NOT talk about your plans to tear down the house, do significant remodeling or criticize the seller.   Most people are emotionally connected to their homes so it’s important to respect that.

So, yes, you should create a cover letter. Try using NestingUp, which is a site that is geared specifically for home buyers and their real estate agents. Good luck, buyers!