Redfin is the King of Real Estate Websites

Redfin is the absolute King of all residential real estate websites out there today. It is the superior resource for both professionals and everyday buyers and sellers. I am neither a spokesman for the company nor a real agent for it either. I just had great success using the site so I thought I would share it with other agents and the common folk.

Since 2009, my job as an analyst and real estate agent has required me to analyze properties, market conditions, and trends for hours everyday all behind numerous computer screens. After eight years of testing all of the websites out there , I can safely say that Redfin is the best one.  It is better than Zillow and Trulia for several reasons:

1. Accurate Market Data – Redfin provides the most accurate data for markets throughout the United States. Redfin will display all homes for sale (including For-Sale-by-Owners), as well as homes that are in escrow and homes recently sold if you’re interested. When you’re trying to find a home for sale, you don’t want to have to sift through rentals or foreclosures, which is what you will have to do using the other sites.  Zillow puts information about rentals, foreclosures and pre-foreclosures in addition to solds, actives and pending all on the map. It’s information overload and it gets confusing for users to accurately identify what homes are available for sale.

As an agent, this type of situation always happens to me: I will be representing a buyer who will see a home on Zillow at a great price and think it is available for sale. The buyer then immediately asks me about it and wants to schedule a tour right away. I have to then break it to them that it is a pre-foreclosure or that it’s not actively listed on the market. The buyer gets disappointed, I apologize for Zillow, and then we move on.  Agents should use Redfin or at least advise their buyers and sellers to not use Zillow or Trulia.

2. Accurate Property Characteristics and Description – Redfin will display the square footage, bedroom count, lot size, etc. right at the top of the webpage for a home. The information is pulled straight from the public records and displayed on the site.  Public records data is the most reliable information on the legal size of the property, bed/bath count and lot size.  If the house is advertised with larger square footage than what Redfin shows, then there is a good chance the additions are not permitted and thus not accounted for during the appraisal.

3. User Friendly Interface – Redfin’s website is designed to be simple and accurate. Given the incredible about of data it has, it has created a user interface that will allow uses to easily filter, browse and display the real estate information they want. The website is fast and absolutely free to all users.   Redfin recognizes that buyers are concerned with location, price and configuration the most so those features are the easiest to toggle on the site.  If you click on “More Filters”, you can narrow your search even more to fit your needs.

4. Access to agents – Redfin is both a real estate brokerage and database company.  Unlike Zillow, it has a team of real estate agents that will answer your questions through a phone call or email. These are licensed agents in the area that you’re browsing. It’s free advice so why not just ask!

Redfin has  helped me advance my career in real estate because the site allows me to access accurate data quickly.  As a real estate agent, I advise all my buyers and sellers to use it to avoid confusion and manage expectations.  Thanks, Redfin.