Live Near a Highly Rated Burrito Establishments

That looks tasty.

Knowing where the best Mexican restaurants are near you is an essential component to Southern California living.  We all know this to be true.  There are so many options out there that you frequently do not know where to go.  Additionally, your friends and neighbors can offer conflicting or mixed reviews of certain restaurants.  Don’t trust Jane Doe from upstairs or drunken Jessica’s two cents when it comes to Mexican food advice; it’s just too important of a choice.  Rather you should trust Yelp and the thousands of reviews that local patrons have made on the Mexican restaurants near you.  Why do the work of trying new places when others have already gone through the experimenting gauntlet?  It’s the law of averages, folks!  At least that’s my reasoning. 

Below is the list of the highest rated best burrito joints west of the 405 (not including the South Bay). The list is not from my personal experience; nope, it’s the highest ranked restaurants according to yelp.  Yelp’s algorithm filters the restaurants with the overall highest rating and throws out the outliers (like a restaurant that has only four 5 star views).  Three of the 5 spots are in Venice and a few are just food trucks without a registered address and only a general vicinity of where they park.

1. Tocaya Orangica

Located in sketchy Venice.  It sounds healthy. It sounds like skinny jeans and beards. It sounds like 15 dollars for a tortilla.

2. La Isla Bonita

It’s actually a food truck that parks it on Rose.  It’s affordable, it’s delicious and I highly recommend it. Yelp gives it only one $ so give it a go; you have nothing to lose.

3. Casa Sanchez

Coming in at number 3 with 906 reviews we have Casa Sanchez.  More of a sit down establishment ( “$$” on Yelp). It has a mariachi band on Friday or Saturday nights.  Ole!

4. Pepe’s Tacos.  

A consistent theme in the reviews is the portion sizes so go hungry and leave happy. This a quick and legit place to get full quickly.  Te habla espanol? 

5.  La Fiesta Brava  

Located in West LA, with relatively healthy and affordable choices.   Lard free for those concerned with weight, which you shouldn’t be if you’re having Mexican food. 

 It could be a Tuesday night for tacos or a Sunday morning breakfast burrito for the hangover.  Whatever your reason for going for Mexican, its important to have a plan A, a plan B and in some cases a plan C and I hope the list above adds some new options for you.  But, I am not a professional food critic; I’m a real estate agent and consultant.   Shoot me a text or email if you want to buy or move west of the 405 near any of these fine food establishments.