Home Selling is like Dog Adoption

“Selling your home is like finding someone to adopt your pet dog when you have to give it up”. This is by far the best analogy I have ever heard to describe residential real estate.    A random guy from Canada said it one time when he explained his understanding of selling a home.   He brought it up when I was explaining my company, NestingUp, to him a few months ago. It is so, so very true. When you are selling your house, it is like you are putting it up for adoption and you want the best candidate to take care of it.

That analogy has stuck with me and I continue to use it when I explain the value behind NestingUp.  The role of emotion in residential real estate is well known, but rarely discussed between real estate agents and their clients.  Home sellers are in a relationship with their house and home buyers are swiping right and left on homes on Zillow like it is Tinder.  Everyone wants the perfect match.  Agents instead work with the emotion of their buyers and sellers to help them make the decision that is in their best interest.

With so much money at stake you would think that buying or selling a home should be void of all emotion and the decision grounded solely in logic. This has never been the case nor will ever be in the future because we are human and have an emotional connection with our home. As a buyer, you want the next buyer to take care of it. As a buyer, you want to love your home. It’s just like an adoption process as that Canadian so simply understood it.

NestingUp taps into this emotional component of residential real estate and provides a channel for homebuyers to showcase them and their strong desire to buy.   Sellers want to pick the best candidate to buy their home and without NestingUp or a cover letter, homebuyers are reduced to numbers on 20-50 pages of PDF documents in an agents email inbox.   Buyers should be human and express their interest in the home.   Sellers should understand what they want in a buyer.

Aside from cash, a cover letter demonstrates your desire and commitment to buy a home. Sellers look for that desire and commitment when picking a home buyer.