Home Buyer Letters are Effective and Legal

“That letter you sent really made the difference.”  That was the closing remark from Craig Blockmon, a Seattle based lawyer and agent referencing a conversation he had with a client about the effectiveness of a home buying letter.  This Washington State news station had a whole segment on the legality of the home buying “love letter” after speaking with industry experts.   Their conclusion after consulting a real estate lawyer, a civil rights lawyer and  real estate broker was straightforward: a love letter is legal.

I am writing about this news piece because the legality of a love letter is a concern among a few real estate agents who come across NestingUp.  NestingUp is an online platform for agents and buyers to create home buyer letters and custom video messages to sell with sellers.

When we were building NestingUp, we were instructed by our mentors that we need legal advice before pouring money into building the online platform that would generate these “love letters”.   So we did that exact thing.  We consulted two law firms that specialize in real estate as well as an attorney from the California Association of Realtors.  They all confirmed that it is in fact legal in California and throughout the United States.

Some other agents will refer to these as “love letters”, but we believe  the term cover letter is better suited.   A cover letter is like the bow on the package that is your home purchase offer.  Sellers appreciate them and buyers enjoy putting the together.  It’s like submitting your resume for a job; a cover letter is not required but it sure does set you apart from the competition.

NestingUp cover letters are proven effective and when you add pictures or a video, it is even more effective.  It is the message that we continue to spread throughout the residential real estate community.  These letters are both legal and effective.  At the end of the day, sellers are people too and they are moved by buyer’s stories told through these cover letters.   NestingUp is here to mainstream the use of cover letters for all home buyers and personalize the buying process.   We are excited and proud to bring this tool to the market.