Craftsman, Bungalow and Contemporary Styles

Hey, folks! Thought it would be useful to talk about three common style of homes in the Southern California area. We all know what “Spanish” style homes look like, but many get the others confused.

The Bungalow – Not to be coARCH-RES_CaliforniaBungalow_0nfused with a “California Bungalow”, this style of home is popular throughout the Southern California area.  This type of home originated in California during the 1880s and became more popular in the 1930s.   A small covered porch is the signature feature of a bungalow; just one porch.  You can see several bungalow style homes in Long Beach, Huntington Beach, south LA, Echo Park, and throughout the Westside.  Bungalow homes are often small in size and with low pitched roofs.  Most buyers I work with love them because of their quaint, California feel.


ARCH-RES_Craftsman_0   The Craftsman – This style of home is loosely advertised by agents on homes they are marketing.   Also known as a “California bungalow”, the Craftsman style home typically features overhanging eaves, a low gabled roof, with wide porches and tapered columns.   Many of these homes use stone and stucco on the exterior.   The craftsman homes have wide front porches with columns and that’s what distinguishes it from the typical bungalow described above.

The California Bungalow is widely popular with the clients I work with.  To many it represents the California style of home they always envisioned.



Contemporary – Scattered throughout LA County in nearly all gentrified or gentrifying neighborhoods, we have the contemporary.  These homes line the streets of Manhattan Beach, Venice, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, and other higher end neighborhoods.   Contemporary homes are characterized by odd size, tall window, asymmetrical designs, unusually mixtures of wall materials, and lack of ornamentation. They’re trendy, unique and usually stand out on the block.


You can check out more  home styles infomraiton and pictures by clicking here.  Happy buying, folks!  he