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Buying a Home
Buying a property is a big event in many of our lives. It is important to have a knowledgable professional to guide you through the entire process. Haus California is dedicated to providing you the most positive and product home buying experience.  Much of work is with first time home buyers, millennials, and investors in coastal Los Angeles and Orange County.
Buy a Home

Find a Rental
Haus California can help you relocate to a new rental in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.  The local rental process can be challenging and often competitive. Haus California is here to match rental targets with your preferences, walk you through the application process and ensure that you get the rental you want.   Make the next move with Haus California.
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Contest a Low Appraisal
Home appraisals are performed by licensed appraisers typically during the escrow period of a home purchase.  The appraisal, which is conducted by one individual, is intended be an objective process, but it is often influenced by the appraiser’s perception of market conditions and value of improvements to the property.  Home buyers and sellers may contest their appraisal by providing evidence that supports a different home value.  Use Haus California to generate a report and keep your purchase on track during escrow.
Help Me Contest a Low Appraisal

Market Analysis and Neighborhood Breakdown
The Southern California area is a very diverse region composed of a mixture of neighborhoods spread out over a large geographical area.   Every neighborhood is unique with its own culture, residents, architecture, schools, and amenities.  Which neighborhood you decide to settle in is important because so much can change in just a few blocks in Southern California. Make sure you are in an area that bests matches your preferences and budget.   Also, understand your traffic commute before you sign any papers.   Use Haus California to provide a neighborhood breakdown and market analysis of your desired area.
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Buy a Second Home
From the desert to the beach, the Southern California area is a popular destination for vacation and second home ownership.   A vacation home can also be a source of income. The proliferation of websites such as Airbnb and VRBO provide a platform to list and rent your vacation home when you are not there.   Haus California can match a property with your preferences and assist you purchase your second property.
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